How things really work in other countries: legal, tax, immigration, investment & business guides.

All written by professionals: lawyers, accountants, real estate agents etc.

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We produce written guides, videos and books designed for people who are living, working or doing business in a country that is not their own.

They cover everything a person needs to know in order to survive – and thrive. For most of the countries we cover, we offer well over 100 written guides and dozens of video interviews with experts.

They explain, as clearly and simply as possible, how to deal with life’s little problems and unexpected opportunities: everything from how to start a company to what happens if you are arrested or want to get married.

They also explain the taxes you will have to pay and the cultural differences you are likely to encounter.

In short, our guides and books are essential reading for anybody living, working or doing business in a foreign country.

Legal, Tax, Immigration, Investment & Business Guides:
how things really work in other countries

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Written by professionals: lawyers, accountants, estate agents etc..

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