Adoption in Turkey

There are many reasons that parents choose to adopt children. Whatever the reason, the ease and security of the process depends massively on the country. Is it possible to adopt a child in Turkey?

Video guide to family law

You may be interested in our video interview about family law in Turkey, with Turkish lawyer Başak Yıldız Orkun. Learn more about adoption by scrolling down and reading the written guide.

Adoption in Turkey

Formal adoption is rare in Turkey, but it is recognised under Turkish law.

Informal adoption is also seen in Turkey. This is very often between close family members and it is done without the intervention of the Court or any other state agency.

members and it is done without the intervention of the Court or any other state agency.

International adoptions to people habitually resident in Turkey are subject to a one-year trial period.

As in almost every country, a person formally adopting a child in Turkey acquires full parental responsibilities for that child and the adopted child is treated as the natural child of that person and acquires all such a child’s rights, including full inheritance rights.

Parents wishing to formally adopt a child in Turkey must first register with the Turkish Department of Social Services and be cleared as suitable adoptive parents. They must be over 30 years of age and, if a couple, must have been married for five years. Single people can also apply to be adoptive parents.

Once the parent has been accepted as a suitable candidate for adoption, a child is selected by the parents. They will be given access to the register of children available for adoption but may find a child in another way. There is no attempt to match racial or cultural backgrounds.

The process is documented and the final certificate of adoption is dealt with by the Family Court .

The process of adoption typically takes about 12-18 months.

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