Bringing Your Boat to Turkey

Many expats keep a boat in Turkey. There are several ways in which they can do so.

Temporary visits to Turkey

Boats must be imported via a ‘frontier port’: Akçay, Alanya, Anamur, Antalya, Ayvalik, Bandirma, Bartin, Bodrum, Botas, Bozyazi, Canakkale, Cesme, Datca, Derince, Didim, Dikili, Eregli, Fethiye, Finike, Gemlik, Giresun, Güllük, Hopa, Inebolu, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, Kas, Kemer, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Mersin, Mudanya, Ordu, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Tasucu, Tekirdag, Trabzon and Zonguldak.

The entire crew must have passports valid for the length of their proposed stay in Turkey and a valid visa – either tourist or long-term.

There are no official charges on entry or departure except the purchase of a Yacht Registration Form (Transit Log) upon arrival. This contains information about the boat and its crew.

You will need to complete this form in accordance with the explanations given in it and you will need to go through the customs and other procedures as explained in it. The cost, for foreign flagged private boats, is US$35 and it is valid for one year.

This transit log allows a yacht to travel freely in Turkish waters. It may be inspected by any harbour official at any time.

As long as the captain and crew remain the same on such trips, you can sail freely to the bays and towns on your route (except forbidden areas) without the need to go through any formalities. If any change occurs between ports, in terms of your captain or crew, you must apply to the Director of Port in your area and obtain a confirmation for the change.

Foreign-flagged private yachts belonging to more than one owner, and yachts belonging to an association or a yacht club, may be used by no more than four keepers in any year.

On leaving Turkey the Transit Log is cancelled and, at the same time, an exit stamp is entered in your passport.

Staying longer

If you are in Turkey with your yacht and you wish to extend your stay, then you will need to obtain a marina or a mooring place licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. This will be your official address and place of residence in Turkey and, after you notify the authorities of the address, you will be granted an extension.

Of course, you can still use your boat to visit other places.

Foreign-flagged yachts can remain in Turkey up to five years (up to the length remaining on your residence permit) without a requirement for any other permission, on condition that they are sailed by their owners at least once every two years.

You can leave Turkey by other means of transport during this period after you leave your yacht at a marina or a moorage licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Tax-free diesel

Foreign-registered yachts may obtain tax-free diesel fuel:

  • Tax-free fuel will be available for use only in foreign yachts and must be obtainable only from marinas and shipyards licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.
  • The owner of the yachts may be Turkish or foreign but must be a person having a permanent place of residence outside Turkey.
  • The yacht may be brought to Turkey with the owner or may be brought two months earlier or later than the owner’s arrival in Turkey.
  • The yacht may receive tax-free fuel only in the presence of the owner.

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