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On this page we have gathered together all of our guides about doing business in a foreign country, whichever country they relate to

Choosing Commercial Property

This guide covers… This guide deals with the special things that you will need to take into account when choosing commercial property.  By commercial property, we mean things such as offices, shops, bars, restaurants and warehouses. It is best read in conjunction with our country specific guides to Choosing Commercial Property but we have produced this global version to deal …

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Tax: the Taxation of Companies in Spain

In Spain, companies are taxes in a variety of ways. Understanding the system – and how it will work best for you – is essential if you want to do business in Spain via a company. This is an area where detailed professional advice is a must but it is still helpful to have a basic understanding of the system before you see your accountant.

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Debt Collection in Spain

For any business or individual, debt collecting is sometimes a tedious necessity. In Spain, it can be very slow and, all too often, unproductive. You can maximise your chances of success by taking some basic and inexpensive precautions and planning ahead. This guide covers what to do and how to do it.

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Starting a Business in Spain

Starting a business in a new country is exciting and it can be very profitable. It will certainly change your life! However, if you get it wrong it can prove to be a financial disaster and could change your life in all the wrong ways. Getting it right needs a bit of luck but, much more, hard work and thorough preparation. This guide will help you make the most out of this opportunity.

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Opening a Bar in Another Country

The reality often turns out very differently. Hard work. Crippling losses. No spare time. Descent into alcoholism. Sorry to sound a little grim, but the risks are real. A huge number of bars fail within their first couple of years. Yet running a bar can be, for the right person with the right drive, a profitable and fulfilling business. One …

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Employment Law in Spain

Some people work for the same employer, without incident or trouble, for years or decades. Others are not so lucky and encounter difficulties from unsafe working practices to racial or sexual harassment.

This guide gives you initial guidance as to what to do if things go wrong.

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Doing Business in Spain

Doing business in Spain is an enticing prospect. It is a large market (46 million people) and a trillion dollar economy. It has a very large expat population and over 75 million tourists per year, which opens a number of unique opportunities. So how do you do business in Spain?

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Starting a Business in Turkey

Turkey is very welcoming when it comes to people wanting to set up new businesses. They realise that new business boosts the economy and creates local employment – and they also recognise that, for historical reasons, Turkey lacks some of the skills required by innovative businesses in the 21st Century.

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