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On this page we have gathered together all of our guides about investing in a foreign country, whichever country they relate to

Property Investment in Spain

Many people made a lot of money out of investing in property in Spain. Unfortunately, those who invested just before the 2007 crash lost a lot of money. Is now the time to look again at investing in property (real estate) in Spain? What and where should you buy? How should you do it?

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Who Should Own Your House?

The issue of who should be the legal owner of any property you buy may not be an obvious one but not asking the question can be a big mistake. By putting the property in the most appropriate names you can save tens of thousands of whatever currency you use to measure your wealth.

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Trusts in Turkey

As in many countries, Trusts can be a very useful tool when managing your affairs in Turkey. They’re useful for both foreigners and native Turks. They are especially useful when managing your inheritance but they have other applications too.

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Inheritance Planning in Turkey

Inheritance planning (sometimes known as ‘estate planning’) is a concept that does not have a universally agreed definition. Here, the two terms are used interchangeably. It is different from, but related to, general financial planning.

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Investing in Property in Turkey

When you’re looking for property in Turkey, the first thing you need to know is what’s available: not the specific houses or apartments but the types of property commonly found. Just as important are the typical prices you will have to pay for any given type of property.

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Bringing Your Money to Turkey

When you move to Turkey you will have a major decision to make about what to do with your money.

Obviously, your day-to-day expenses will be in Turkish lira, but it will probably be that all or part of your income will be coming to you in another currency; and it will almost certainly be that your savings and investments will be in another currency.

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