Debt Collection in Spain

For any business or individual, debt collecting is sometimes a tedious necessity. In Spain, it can be very slow and, all too often, unproductive. You can maximise your chances of success by taking some basic and inexpensive precautions and planning ahead. This guide covers what to do and how to do it.

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Consumer Protection in Spain

What happens when you buy something and it doesn’t work? Or which is dangerous? Or which works for a short time and then breaks? Or which is just a million miles from what was described when you bought it? Or when someone supplies you with a shoddy service?

Spain has a number of ways of helping you.

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Defective Products in Turkey

In Turkey, defective products are dealt with under the general law and, in particular, under the Code of Obligations and the Consumer Code.

However, there are some issues regarding claims arising out of defective products which are worth grouping together and it is those issues that form the substance of this guide.

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