Family Law in Spain

Family law is immensely complex because families are immensely complex. It also – together with criminal law – reflects the nature of the historic and cultural basis of a society much more clearly than any other aspect of law. How a society deals with the family is absolutely central to that society’s core values.

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Getting a Divorce in Spain

Divorce is one of the most common risks associated with living in another country. The reason why is subject to some debate but meeting new people, drink, sunshine and the fact that you are not under the immediate eye of your family or neighbours probably all contribute. So, in some cases, do lurking problems that existed before the move. Whatever the reason, lots of people end up seeing a Spanish lawyer about divorce. Fortunately, the system works well.

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Child Abduction to Turkey

The abduction of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. Not only is it extremely distressing but it is also going to be difficult to fix the problem, particularly when you may be living many thousands of miles away from the place to which the child has been taken.

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