Renting a Property in Spain

We all need somewhere to live. Find out the rules about renting a property in Spain – and how to do it. Whether it is a holiday home, a permanent residence or something that falls between the two, the Spanish system can give you some surprises!

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Renting a House in Turkey

Many people coming to Turkey decide to rent a property here. There are several reasons. They may just prefer renting property. They may be sent to Turkey for a fairly short time in connection with their work and find that renting a property in Turkey is more cost-effective than buying. They may decide to rent for a year whilst they look for a property to buy. They may decide to put their cash into a business rather than into a property in which to live.

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Buying a New Property on the Costa del Sol

For this see our Guide to Buying Off-Plan Property on the Costa del Sol. It describes, in particular, how to buy a new property in the area of Andalusia/Andalucía – which contains the Costa del Sol. See a map here. Please note that certain aspects of the law in Spain vary from one “autonomous community” (comunidad autónoma) to another. For …

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