Autonomous Communities in Spain

“Autonomous communities” (comunidad autónomas) are the political and administrative regions of Spain into which the whole of Spain is divided. There are 17 of them – plus two “autonomous cities” – Ceuta & Melilla in North Africa.

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Powers of Attorney in Turkey

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorises another person to do something such as signing a document, opening a bank account, or attending a meeting on your behalf and with your full (or, at least, some limited but defined) authority.

The contents of a Power vary a lot depending upon what it is to be used for. However, the process of making one is always the same.

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Notaries in Turkey

Notaries play an important role within the Turkish legal system. This will be of no surprise if you come from a mainland European country but quite surprising if you’re used only to systems in places such as the US and the UK: the so-called Anglo-Saxon legal tradition.

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Lawyers in Turkey

The main source of professional legal help available in Turkey is the lawyer (avukat). There are about 95,000 practising lawyers in Turkey. About 90% are generalists, covering most or all aspects of the law. All of them are professionally qualified and regulated by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (Türkiye Barolar Birliği or TBB).

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The Turkish Legal System

Turkey has a very effective legal system: sometimes slow, but fully functioning.

Unlike in some countries, you do not need to ‘buy’ the judges, but you do have to be diligent and pursue your case to make sure things happen without any unnecessary delay.

Recent changes following the 2016 ‘coup’ have not helped either its efficiency or credibility.

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