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On this page we have gathered together all of our guides about living in a foreign country, whichever country they relate to

The Guides Global book about Turkey

Our own book about Turkey is an in-depth manual telling you everything that you need to know if you are living, working or doing business in Turkey. It was co-authored by John Howell, Başak Yıldız Orkun, and Burak Orkun. Read about the authors here. Everyone who is living, working or doing business in Turkey should have a copy: whether in printed form …

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Social Security in Spain

Social security arrangements in Spain are extensive and expensive. They are also rather complicated and, very likely, different from those to which you are accustomed. Yet it is well worth getting to grips with them before you need to make use of the services provided.

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Voting & Politics in Spain

Spanish politics is a complex and fractious subject. You’ll learn more about the average Spaniard’s views by sitting in a bar and chatting than you will from guides like this, but I hope this overview is useful (it might prepare you for the pub conversations).

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Healthcare in Spain

Click where you see  for more information Emergency numbers Call 112 – the general emergency number or 061 for an ambulance Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French and German. The quality of healthcare in Spain Spain has an excellent quality of healthcare. It’s routinely ranked amongst the world’s best. The WHO Healthcare Index put Spain 7th of 191 countries ranked. Of course, if you live in …

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Education in Spain

Education in Spain is often very good, but can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Whether your child receives a good education will be, in the main, down to the school you choose for them. Whether you go down the route of private or state education, there is a good selection of schools available in Spain.

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Driving in Spain

Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners drive in Spain. Many worry about it before they do it for the first time. Very few worry the second time. This guide sets out some common-sense preparations and precautions to keep you safe.

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Cultural Differences in Spain

The cultural differences between various countries are fascinating and, often, surprising. Understanding them is hugely important if you want to survive – and thrive – in a country that is not your own. Recognise them. Understand them. But don’t be frightened by them.

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Transport links within the Costa del Sol in Spain

Getting to the Costa del Sol Getting to the Costa del Sol by air If you’re flying into the Costa del Sol, chances are you’ll be landing in Malaga International Airport (AGP). The airport is made up of three terminals. It handled over 14million passengers in 2015. You’ll find plenty of places to load up on shopping or feed and water …

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The Internet in Spain

Introduction Spain is fairly well served by internet providers, though service can be patchy outside of urban areas. Shopping around is paramount if you want to get a good deal – many providers offer promotional prices for new customers, or waive installation fees for a limited time. Internet penetration in Spain According to Internet Live Stats, 82.2% of the Spanish population …

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Dealing with the Administration in Turkey

Dealing with the administration in any new country is tough. Turkey is better than some, and worse than others.

It’s probably worth remembering during the more trying moments that you will experience that there will probably be some Turk in your country at that very moment having exactly the same difficulties with your administration.

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Receiving Your Pension in Turkey

When you live in Turkey there are no restrictions upon receiving any pension to which you are entitled in another country. It is, in essence, treated just like any other income – although it is sometimes taxed at a lower rate. The policy on this changes often.

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Religion in Turkey

Religion in Turkey is as old as Turkey itself – which is very old. Islam is still a massively important part of Turkish culture, even though increasing numbers of Turks (and, in particular, of younger Turks living in the western part of the country) are becoming more secular and less strict in their observance of religion. At the same time, many in the centre and east of the country are becoming more religious and conservative.

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Drink & Drugs in Turkey

Turkey is rather schizophrenic when it comes to its attitude to alcohol and drugs. As a substantial wine producer it is, perhaps, not surprising that social attitudes to the consumption of alcohol are very relaxed. As an Islamic country, it is perhaps equally unsurprising that their attitudes towards drunken behaviour are unaccepting and uncompromising.

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Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare is right at the top of people’s concerns when moving to – or even visiting – a new country. Will it be of a good standard? How do I access it? What will it cost? Will the doctor – and the nurses and other health workers – speak my language?

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Education in Turkey

Your children will have a great time living in Turkey. Because of the climate and the freedom that children still enjoy in a country largely free of crime, they will probably lead a far more active and outdoor life than they would have done in your own country.

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Learning Turkish – in Turkey or ‘back home’

Learning Turkish is important if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in Turkey.

The good news (if you’re a Westerner): it is written in the (slightly modified) latin alphabet. You won’t have to learn a completely new script.

The bad news: the language may not seem intuitive to most Europeans and Americans. Turkish base words can stand alone – prefixes are not part of the language – but are built in complexity by the addition of suffixes. Words can therefore get very long!

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The Internet in Bulgaria

Depending on where you are in Bulgaria, the internet can be surprisingly speedy or hair-pullingly slow. The popular expat city of Varna, for instance, has notoriously bad internet speeds – whilst little Pazardzhik (with around 70,000 occupants) has the fastest internet speeds in the country.

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Religion in the United States

Freedom of religion is enshrined in the US constitution, and the States – whilst being overwhelmingly Christian – are home to communities of many faiths.

As always, look carefully at the city of region you’re hoping to live or work in before making a decision. Will you be able to find somewhere to worship? Are the religious attitudes too conservative for you to be comfortable? Is there a high level of discrimination against your faith?

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Sex & Sexuality in the United States

While the US is a developed nation, there are still some issues when it comes to sex and gender.

As with so many things in the US, the details are all at the state level. Carefully examine the state you’re considering for any ‘deal breakers’ when it comes to gender, sexuality or gender issues.

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Religion in Spain

Click where you see  for more information Introduction Whilst you might not see much of the Spanish population in church every Sunday, you’ll certainly experience some dramatic examples of religious culture in the form of parades, processions, costumes and rather a lot of days off work. If you’re of a different religion, fear not! Although communities of minority religions may be …

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