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World Mental Health Day 2018 – what do expats need to know?

Mental healthcare is under-funded and overlooked across the globe. There are many reasons: lack of knowledge about the brain’s physiology and psychology, a scepticism surrounding mental health disorders, and the stigmatisation of mental illness being among them. For the past few decades – particularly since the start of the new Millennium – international organisations, including The World Health Organisation (WHO), …

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A quick look at… Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s inclusion in our Property Investor Show programme (via Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate ltd) was a beguiling one – and also quite timely, as we were receiving BBC alerts about Prince Charles’ new position as heir apparent of the Commonwealth (as the top job is not a strictly hereditary position, there was some question of who exactly would succeed Queen …

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New book by Guides.Global

Our book about Turkey is an in-depth manual telling you everything that you need to know if you are living, working or doing business in Turkey. It was co-authored by John Howell, Başak Yıldız Orkun, and Burak Orkun. Read about the authors here. How Things Really Work in Turkey is over 520 pages of detailed information. It covers everything from how to start …

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