* Relocation

On this page we have gathered together all of our guides about relocation to another country, whichever country they relate to

Receiving Your Pension in Turkey

When you live in Turkey there are no restrictions upon receiving any pension to which you are entitled in another country. It is, in essence, treated just like any other income – although it is sometimes taxed at a lower rate. The policy on this changes often.

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Bringing Your Money to Turkey

When you move to Turkey you will have a major decision to make about what to do with your money.

Obviously, your day-to-day expenses will be in Turkish lira, but it will probably be that all or part of your income will be coming to you in another currency; and it will almost certainly be that your savings and investments will be in another currency.

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Bringing Your Pet to Turkey

Many people worry more about how they’re going to take their pet to Turkey than they do about any other aspect of their move.

Fortunately, the rules aren’t complicated and most people don’t experience any major problems when importing a pet into Turkey.

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Bringing Your Car to Turkey

In Turkey, cars and fuel are expensive. The price of a car, both new and second hand, is likely to be much higher than ‘back home’.

It therefore looks an attractive option, especially if you live in Europe, to drive or otherwise import your car to Turkey. An added advantage is that you can take some of your possessions with you. Can this be done?

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Bringing Your Possessions to Turkey

When moving – especially when moving to another country – having your personal possessions with you can be comforting. Moreover, it can be less daunting to bring stuff with you than it is to sell or find storage old possessions – and buy everything again!

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