Life Expectancy – Global List

The figures for life expectancy at birth come from a variety of sources and, surprisingly, vary quite a lot. Nonetheless, they remind us about how startlingly different things can be depending upon the place where you were born. Japan 83.7, Swaziland 49.2.

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Government (Public) Debt – Global List

There is a great debate about whether public (government) debt matters. Is it a good idea to ‘borrow to invest’? How much? How should it be spent?

At Guides.Global we are pretty set in our opinion that too much borrowing is a bad thing: landing your children and grand-children with debt is immoral. You may, of course, disagree. Whatever your view, the level of public debt in the countries where you might live or do business is a factor to take into account.

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Corruption Perception Index – Global List

For most people living, working or doing business is a foreign country, corruption is a major enemy. Of course, a few businesses – and individuals – thrive on corruption. They are not your friend!

The Corruption Perception Index from Transparency International has been around for a long time can help you a lot when it comes to risk assessment. Whilst nowhere is perfect, you need very good reasons to be dealing with the countries way down the list!

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