Avoid legal problems. Boring as it may seem, the staff at Guides Global are firm believers in checklists, spreadsheets and anything else that minimises the chances of stupid mistakes.

Decades of experience have taught us that the little voice in your head saying, "I'll remember to do this!" is usually lying.

Avoid legal problems. Forgetting the floppy disc (yes, we’re going back that far) with your presentation on it is annoying enough. Forgetting to do an essential piece of due diligence on a property you’re buying is quite another.

Although these mistakes make lawyers a lot of money, John didn’t like dealing with these cases even before he retired from legal practice. He couldn’t bear seeing people so stressed by something that could have so easily been avoided. Avoid legal problems seemed like a much better idea.

So, we’re sharing our checklists and other handy documents with you. It will ease his mind.

Checklists to avoid legal problems

Having a physical, paper copy of “things I need to do” with you is always useful. Even if you keep digital copies on every device you own.

ItemWord (.doc)PDF
Buying a Business
Buying a Property
Selling a Property
Moving out of a Rented Property
Emergency Grab-Bag - Packing List

Template letters to your lawyer

These are questionnaire for you to send with any initial letter to your lawyers.

They indicate what information your lawyer is likely to need from you to start thinking about and working on your case. They are laid out in a simple format that both you and the legal expert will find easy to understand and work from.

You should make sure that, in your letter, you explain exactly what you want the lawyer to do for you. Don’t be embarrassed. They will like it that you are being clear. And, of course, this applies just as much to other advisers such as accountants, banks or estate agents. Also, don’t forget to ask them any questions you might have, however simple they might seem. It is only natural that you will have concerns when you are doing something in a foreign country. Remember, too, that what seems unnatural to you could be so normal over there that they wouldn’t bother explaining it to you if you don’t ask about it.

ItemWord (.doc)PDF
In the Case of an Accident
Buying a Property
Court Cases
Debt Collection
General Problems
Dealing with an Inheritance
Power of Attorney
Selling a Property
Starting a Business
Making a Will