Coming to Spain for Other Reasons (Immigration/Visas)

Our other guides to immigration cover the vast majority of cases where people wish to come and live in Spain. However, the world is always complicated and there are many other circumstances in which people have the right to enter and stay in the country. This guide covers some of them.

Examples of people entitled to come to Spain

There are many different categories of visa to enter Spain, and many of those relate to the right to live here.

We’ve covered the most common of them in our other guides, but we’ve had to leave out dozens. Who on earth are all of these other people with the right to come to Spain?

The list is almost endless, but it includes:

  • The spouses and children of visiting diplomats
  • The spouses and children of NATO staff posted to Spain
  • The spouses and children of non-governmental agencies (UNICEF etc) posted to Spain
  • Qualified ministers of religion who have been appointed to take up posts in Spain
  • Exceptional sportsmen and women

Legal advice

The rules are complicated and, strangely, there is no definitive list of the people who might be entitled to apply set out on the Department of Immigration website. You should therefore contact an experienced legal adviser to see whether you can benefit from any of these miscellaneous categories entitling you to live and work in Spain.


There are many categories of people who could be able to get a visa to live in Spain. Ask a specialist immigration attorney if you think you might be in one of them.

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