Coming to Turkey to Join Your Family (Immigration/Visas)

This guide is about the paperwork needed to join your family member who is resident in Turkey. It also looks at the qualifications needed to sponsor your family members to come and join you here.

Foreigners wishing to join their family in Turkey will need to obtain a Family Residence Permit. See our Guide to Residence Permits in Turkey for information about residence permits.

Can I get a Family Residence Permit?

Family Residence Permits can be granted to:

  • A foreign spouse (but not an unmarried partner)
  • Foreign children (under 18)
  • Dependent foreign children (typically, disabled)
  • A spouse’s dependent foreign children

of foreigners who have valid residence permits, and refugees (‘Sponsors’).

Family residence permits will be issued for a maximum term of two years (renewable) but for no longer than the remaining duration of the Sponsor’s visa.

In the case of Sponsors who have polygamous marriages valid in their own country, only one wife may be granted a Family Residence Permit but all of the Sponsor’s children can be entitled.

If the husband and wife later divorce, the spouse who has the Family Residence Permit will have to apply for a residence permit in their own right, unless their spouse is a Turkish citizen – in which case they shall be entitled to a Short-Term Residence Permit if they had possessed the Family Residence Permit for at least three years.

When granting Family Residence Permits to children, if dual guardianship arrangements exists the consent of the other parent is needed.

Family Residence Permits held by children entitle the holder to the right of education in primary and secondary schools until the age of 18 (without obtaining a student residence permit).

Children who resided in Turkey for at least three years before reaching the age of 18 can apply for a transition from a Family Residence Permit to their own Short-Term Residence Permit.

Who can be a sponsor for a Turkish Family Residence Permit?

In order to be eligible for a Family Residence Permit the Sponsor must:

  • Have resided in Turkey for at least one year with a valid residence permit
  • Have monthly income not less than the Turkish minimum wage plus no less than one third of the minimum wage per household members
  • Have suitable accommodation
  • Have medical insurance covering all household members
  • Not have been convicted of any domestic violence or similar crimes within five years prior to the application
  • Be registered with Turkish Address Registration System

Can you claim state healthcare on a Family Residence Permit?


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