Francine Carrel

Francine is the Assistant Editor of Law Overseas, which means she does a bit of everything around the place. She has been a journalist for over 10 years, specialising in international issues for most of that time.

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Francine Carrel

Francine Carrel is a writer and editor who found a niche in international law and property, having dabbled in several other subjects – including, to John and Janie Howell’s approval, Land Rovers. She has worked with the Howells for over six years, first as a journalist on a business-to-business property magazine and then as part of the founding team of Guides.Global (which spawned Law Overseas).


(Contact for editorial queries or suggestions, news tips and any corrections).


Main: +44 (0) 1284 719964
Mobile: +44 (0) 7899 688 064

Outside of work

British (Jersey-born). Born 1991. Married. No children.

Francine also writes in her spare time: mainly short fiction, poetry and articles about mental health. She enjoys reading, gardening and video games. She is somewhat involved in local politics.


Jan 2015-CURRENT: Assistant Editor, Guides.Global and (the child company of Guides.Global) produces online written and video guides about all aspects of living, working and doing business abroad. Guides.Global publishes books about the same.

Francine writes, edits, video edits and occasionally does some graphic design.

2012-2014: International Property Reporter, OPP

‘Overseas Property Professionals’. A business-to-business magazine and news website, specialising in the intricacies of the global property market and how best to navigate them as an industry professional.

Writing business-to-business international property news and features – for print and online. Sub-editing and proof-reading articles. Editing marketing copy.

2008-2012: Travel & Freelance

Various hospitality jobs in various places – the usual ‘teenager finding herself’ stuff. Plus some freelance business writing.

2007-2008: Editorial Assistant, Land Rover Monthly

A magazine for Land Rover enthusiasts.

Writing, sub-editing, proofreading.

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