Janie Howell

You won't see Janie Howell's name in the author box, but she is a massive contributor to this enterprise.

Photograph of Janie Howell

Janie Howell

We call Janie Howell the Office Manager, because “Protector of Paperwork, Mistress of Accounts and Only Source of Common Sense in the Whole Flipping Office” doesn’t fit onto a business card.

Janie has many years’ experience as an Office and Practice Manager. She knows a great deal about the ins and outs of internationally operating businesses, having had to keep a couple of them organised for her business partner and husband of 25 years, John Howell. She has done business in the UK, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria; and networked in a great many more countries. She has helped organise international property exhibitions and conferences attended by tens of thousands.

Cocktail hour starts at 18:00 sharp.



+44 (0) 1284 719964

Life outside work

British. Born 1950. Married. One child.

Janie studied art at Leeds Art College, and has carried that creativity through life. She has undertaken historical renovations of homes, built several beautiful gardens and now, at Law Overseas, has the dubious privilege of hearing the call of: “Janie! Janie! Do you think this looks good, then?”

She has a love and knowledge of classic cars, particularly Land Rovers and Bugatti replicas. She helps to organise regular Burns night events (she is a MacMillan by birth).


Jan 2015-CURRENT: Office Manager, Guides.Global and LawOverseas.com

LawOverseas.com (the child company of Guides.Global) produces online written and video guides about all aspects of living, working and doing business abroad. Guides.Global publishes books about the same.

General management, logistics and accounting duties.

2009-2014: Practice Manager, John Howell & Co – London and Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk)

Niche firm of specialist international legal advisers helping developers and private individuals (many of whom have been the firm’s clients for years) about development plans, rescuing failed developments and property investment opportunities. Duties included both advice to clients and the administration and marketing of the firm.

General management, logistics and accounting duties.

1996-2009: Practice Manager, International Law Partnership (ILP), formerly John Howell & Co – London

Leading specialist law firm dealing 100% with international legal transactions, mainly property related.

General management, logistics and accounting duties.

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