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Başak is our legal partner in Turkey. She has written dozens of guides about the law and culture in Turkey, and co-authored our book: How Things Really Work in Turkey.

Başak Yıldız Orkun

Başak is a partner at the Orkun & Orkun law and accountancy firm.

Her legal speciality is advising foreign individuals and companies who are relocating to Turkey to work, retire or set up a business.

She and her team of lawyers and accountants provide a full range of legal, accounting, tax and tax planning services.

She has been qualified as a lawyer in Turkey since 2005.

Contact details

Languages: Turkish (native), English (fluent)

Address: Konacık Mahallesi Gazi Mustafa Akça Sokak No:3/1 Bodrum / MUĞLA

Telephone: +90 252 319 70 70



Lawyer – Managing Partner in the Legal Department of Orkun & Orkun

2004 University of Ankara LL.B.

2006 Lawyer – Registered with Ankara Bar

2005- 2007 The International Law Partnership LLP – Foreign Lawyer – Turkey Department

2007-2009 The International Law Partnership LLP – Head of Department of Emerging Markets

2009-2010 The International Law Partnership LLP – Salary Partner

2010 Lawyer – Registered with Ankara Bar

About Orkun & Orkun

Orkun & Orkun was established in 1985 by founding partner Mr. Süleyman Orkun. It quickly became one of the largest certified public accountancy firms in Turkey’s Aegean region.

When Mr Burak Orkun joined the firm in 2005 (as managing partner), he expanded the business and began collaborating with leading international property law firms in the UK – dealing with their clients’ tax, company set-ups and auditing.

Following this collaboration, Ms Başak (Yıldız) Orkun left her post as partner at The International Law Partnership LLP, in London, to join Orkun & Orkun as a partner. This merger gave Orkun & Orkun legal consultancy status.

Orkun & Orkun now work in law and finance on a local and international level, and are well-trusted in both.

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