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Investing in Dubai

How has Dubai kept international property investors interested for over a decade? John Howell looks at the Emirate's past, present and future.
April 2019
Holiday Homes: Can you Have Your Cake and Eat it?

So, you want to buy a holiday home? Why?

It might seem like an obvious question, but the answer takes some consideration...
April 2019
International Property Investment After Brexit

When Brexit is finally over, one way or another, what will it mean for international property investors?

Can you still buy in Europe? Can you keep your existing EU property? What will happen to real estate prices?
April 2019
Which works best? Residential, commercial or something else?
April 2019
Where in the World? Investing in International Property 2019

Where are the best places to invest your money – and why?

The world is full of property investment opportunities. Some are suicidal. Some make excellent sense.

Which will be right for you? Are you better off investing in established locations or in newer destinations with great promise?
What about currency risk? What about Brexit?

How can you decide? Who can help you?
April 2019