When we speak at events, we often make our presentations available for download.

Here are the recent ones!

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Managing your International Investment Property
How can you manage a property thousands of miles away?

Should you be doing it yourself, through a friend, or through a property management company? What does it entail?
April 2018
Investing in International Property: Why? Where? What? How?

Where are the best places to invest your money – and why?

The world is full of property investment opportunities. Some are suicidal. Some make excellent sense. Which will be right for you? Are you better off investing in established locations or in newer destinations with great promise? What about currency risk? What about Brexit?
How can you decide? Who can help you?
April 2018
Essential due diligence when investing in international property: What to do. How to do it.

Due diligence is incredibly important if you want to buy a property anywhere - and especially so if you want to buy real estate in another country.
April 2018