Facebook Groups for Expats in Turkey

Joining a few Facebook groups is a good way to get a feel for the expat community in Turkey. Find expat events in Turkey and chat and share ideas, experiences and - occasionally - frustrations with like-minded people.

Email us if you're part of a group that you'd like included in this guide.

Expats of Turkey, lets help each other out

This group is just for Ex Pats living in Turkey. Whether you are full or part time here, Ask for any information you may require, or share any information you think may be useful to other Ex Pats.

Expats in Turkey

This is a group especially for foreigners living all over Turkey, so they can keep each other up to date, help and support themselves.

~~~ Expat in Turkey ~~~

Share your experiences, meet others. If you are an expat in Turkey, this is your group.

Events for expats in Turkey – mymerhaba

The Facebook page of Turkish information site mymerhaba.com – a really useful website [Editor’s note – December 2018 – the site is currently timing out, not sure if still active]

Expat Turkey

ExpatFocus.com page for anyone moving to or living in Turkey.

Cook’s Corner for Expats in Turkey

Ours is a helpful and fun group for expats in Turkey who want to share recipes, find ingredients, help newbies obtain ingredients, and post pictures of their creations.

Home Cooking for Expats in Turkey

This group is a place to share where to find ingredients, good substitutes and get recipes and ideas.

Ankara Expat Life

This Group is open for all the people who are expats, foreigners, aliens, etc who live in Ankara. It was created to help each other.


This page was created for locals in ANKARA to BUY & SELL goods that are in good condition for fellow residents to buy at reduced prices.

Expat Women in Ankara

I thought it would be great to have an Ankara female friendly space to share information and questions. I would like this to be a space where we can express our ideas and opinions respectfully, ask questions and share information.

Expat Events in Istanbul

Expat Events in Istanbul organizes EVENTS IN ENGLISH.
These events include but are not limited to:
– classes,
– workshops,
– day trips,
– city tours,
– and more…

Istanbul Expat Center

A communication opportunity for those who seek a brand new life in Istanbul

Istanbul Expat Meetups

We’re expats living in Istanbul. Members are predominantly English-speaking, though anybody’s welcome…

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