How Things Really Work in Turkey – the Authors

How Things Really Work in Turkey is an in-depth manual telling you everything that you need to know if you are living, working or doing business in Turkey. It was co-authored by John Howell, Başak Yıldız Orkun, and Burak Orkun.

The book

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Başak Yıldız Orkun

Başak is a partner at the Orkun & Orkun law firm.

Her legal speciality is advising foreign individuals and companies who are relocating to Turkey to work, retire or set up a business.

She and her team of lawyers and accountants provide a full range of legal, accounting, tax and tax planning services.

She has been qualified as a lawyer in Turkey since 2005.

Burak Orkun

Burak is also a partner at Orkun & Orkun.

Orkun & Orkun started to serve clients in 1989, under the leadership of his father Suleyman Orkun. It provides a full range of book keeping and accountancy services for both Turkish and foreign individuals and companies.

Burak is a qualified accountant in Turkey and joined the firm in 2005.

John Howell

John qualified as an English solicitor (lawyer) and worked as a specialist in international legal problems, especially problems affecting private individuals and small businesses, for over 30 years.

After retiring from legal practice, he set up Guides.Global, from which spawned Law Overseas.

He has written many books about international law, both for lawyers and for the general public. He speaks regularly on these subjects all over the world.


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