Interesting Videos About Turkey

This guide is simply a collection of videos that you might find interesting if you're thinking of spending a lot of time in Turkey

This guide is simply a collection of videos that you might find interesting if you’re thinking of spending a lot of time in Turkey.

Cities of Turkey

Videos of Ankara

Ankara: Capital of Turkey

Region: Central Anatolia

Population: 4,474,305

Kısa Ankara Turu (Short Ankara City Tour) [HD]

Timelapse video tour of Ankara, taken from the road

Videos of Istanbul

Istanbul: Turkey’s largest city

Region: Maramara

Population: 13,820,334

Istanbul – Türkiye / Turkey

A thorough collection of video clips showing a great deal of Istanbul

Real Istanbul life (february,2014)

A short, attractive, arty video showing the sights of everyday life in Istanbul

Videos of Izmir

Izmir: Metropolitan, eclectic, historic

Region: Anatolia

Population: 2,847,691

Izmir City | Turkey

A collection of video clips and photographs nicely showcasing Izmir

Videos of Bodrum

Bodrum: Beautifully historic seaside city. Big 15th Century castle by the marina.

Region: Aegean

Population: 36,317


A playlist with lots of great footage of Bodrum, with some narration


Bodrum Barlar Sokağı Bar’s street of Bodrum Gopro

A simple walking tour of a part of Bodrum, showing the streets and shops

Videos of Alanya

Alanya: Beach resort city, very popular with tourists.

Region: Mediterranean

Population: 98,627


Short video: gorgeous footage from the town and coast of Alanya.


More amateurish but with lots to see, this time including bars, restaurants and activities.

Videos of nature in Turkey

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast in 4k Hyperlapse

Turkey’s Black Sea Mountains – From the Air

Cappadocia, Turkey in 4K (Ultra HD)

Videos of food, culture & religion in Turkey

Turkish Food: Best Kebabs of My Life, Amazing Seafood, and Turkish Ice Cream!

This guy has quite a few videos of Turkish food – check the rest of them out if you like his style. His videos make me very hungry.

Turkish Food Pazar (Market) Haul | MERSIN, TURKEY

A look around a pazar in Mersin – a market where you can get cheap, fresh food.

Rural Tastes of Antalya – typical Turkish Food – Toroslar’dan Akdeniz’e Lezzetleri

Examples of some typical Turkish foods

ISTANBUL, celebrating the Iftar RAMADAN dinner at Sultanahmet Square, TURKEY

Iftar (or Fatoor) is the evening meal where Muslims break their daily fast during Ramadan (Ramazan).

Turkish people in particular take great joy in the social aspect of Iftar, as seen in this video.

Istanbul, Turkey: The Blue Mosque

A tour of Turkey’s most famous mosque.

Istanbul – Turkey (inside the mosque)

A short video showing worship.

Videos about living in Turkey

Videos taken by expats living in Turkey – they cover common questions and complaints, document day-to-day life and show you the sights.

Do’s & Don’ts in Turkey!

This woman has a lot of good videos about living in Turkey, check out her playlist.

Top 10 Questions-Why I live in Turkey


My apartment in Izmir, Turkey

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