Our guides, videos and books are produced in collaboration with local experts: mainly, lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and estate agents. We call these experts our “partners”.

We have only one partner of each type - lawyer, estate agent etc - in each area.

How do we produce our guides?

We have written a series of over 100 template guides about subjects ranging from how to start a business to how to end a marriage. For example, click here for a list of our guides about Spain.

We have also produced a template for a detailed textbook – typically over 500 pages – covering the same topics and more. Every foreigner or foreign business in your country should have a copy! Click here for an extract from our book about Turkey.

These templates are just a starting point to make the job of our partners easier and to ensure consistency across the countries we cover.

What do we need our partners to do?

To make the guides, we send our partners a digital copy of the book and ask them to modify it as much as is necessary to make it accurate for their country. For example, our lawyer partners will, typically, be asked to edit about 200 pages. The other pages will be dealt with by us and other professionals. The task is, therefore, not too demanding.

Once you have edited your part of the book, we meet you to go through what you have written to make sure we understand it fully. This takes several days. Then, based on the materials you have produced, we create a final version of the book and the guides.

Whilst we are with you we will also film interviews with you and/or your staff. In these we will discuss – in a relaxed and informal way – many of the main topics covered by the book. We turn those interviews into many hours of video guides, promoted via our website and our YouTube channel. Click here for our YouTube channel.

The advantages of being our partner

The guides, the video guides and the book will all credit you as either author or the co-author and carry an advert for your business.

All of the enquiries and work generated by our guides, videos and book will come to you. These leads are valuable. They come from people who have looked up very specific subjects and already read your words about them. This means that their interest levels are already high. Our readers come from all over the world.

Just as importantly, you will have these high-quality materials for link to via your own website. Plus, you will be able to use the book for your own marketing. That will set you apart. How many of your competitors will be the author of a 500-page textbook, distributed worldwide?

The cost of being our partner

There is, of course, a cost to this. We ask you to contribute to the cost of producing the guides. The amount depends upon the number of guides we will be producing and the country you come from.

The cost of producing a full set of guides, the videos and the book is typically about £12,000 – £15,000. Of this, the lawyer is usually expected to pay about half. The rest of the cost is shared between the accountant, the estate agent etc.

To put that in context, it takes our team over three months to produce a set of guides!

How to join us

If you would like to join us or find out more about being one of our partners, please email us at partners@guidesglobal.com.