Public holidays in Spain

Spain is not a country to shy away from a good celebration. From the ratification of constitutions and regions achieving autonomy to the celebrations of the many Catholic saints, there's always a good excuse for a fiesta.

Make sure to take part in the myriad celebrations you'll notice in Spain - they're often a spectacle and always a reason to have some fun.

You’ll find a full list of national and regional holidays here.

However, don’t forget that each municipality will have two additional public holidays; often celebrating the local saint or an event of local importance.

Some notes about the major holidays, mainly for our readers in the East:

New Year's DayPrimero de Enero . The first day of the new year!
EpiphanyEpifanía. A major Christian holiday, celebrating the presentation of Christ to the 'three wise men' or Maji.
Good FridayViernes Santo. A major Christian holiday, commemorating Christ's death. Moveable date. The start of Spain's Holy Week (Semana Santa).
Labour dayFiesta del Trabajo. An internationally recognised holiday, also known as "International Workers' Day".
Assumption DayL'Assumpció/La Asunción. A Christian holiday commemorating the death of the Virgin Mary and her 'assumption' into Heaven.
Hispanic Day/Columbus DayFiesta Nacional de España - Spain's national day. The day that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.
All Saints DayDia de todos los Santos. A celebration of all saints.
Constitution DayDía de la Constitución. A celebration of the referendum held on December 06 1978, which brought about the Spanish constitution - an important step towards its current democracy.
Immaculate Conception DayDia de la Inmaculada Concepcion. A Catholic holiday celebrating the 'immaculate conception' of the Virgin Mary.
Christmas DayEl día de Navidad . A major Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ.


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