Public Holidays in Turkey

This guide lists the national public holidays of Turkey, and gives a little background on the meaning and importance of the days. Turkey is a secular country, but its population is almost entirely Muslim; so it is no surprise that this is reflected in their national holidays.

National Public Holidays in Turkey – 2018

Monday01 JanuaryNew Year’s DayYılbaşı Günü . The first day of the new year! Similarly to most countries, Turkish people have the first working day of January as a holiday.
Monday23 AprilNational Sovereignty and Children’s DayUlusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı. Celebrating the first opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (in Ankara, in 1920). Also Childen’s Day – and the two days combine in a unique way, as children take over the Grand National Assembly for the day!
Tuesday01 MayLabour Dayişçi bayramı. An internationally recognised holiday, also known as “International Workers’ Day”.
Friday15 JuneRamazan Feast/ Eid al-FitrRamazan Bayramı. The end of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar; a holy month, in which Mohammed had the Qu’ran revealed to him. Many Muslims fast throughout daylight hours during Ramadan, breaking their fast with a prayer and a meal (iftar). At the end of the month, Eid is celebrated across the Islamic world. The Gregorian (Western) date of this holiday varies depending on the lunar cycle.
Tuesday-FridayAugust 21-24Sacrifice Feast/Eid al AdhaKurban Bayrami. One of the older Islamic holidays, the Sacrifice Feast lasts for four days. Traditionally, an animal is sacrificed, and a third of the meat given to the poor – but, in recent years, many Turks instead make a donation to charity to mark the Feast.
Thursday30 AugustVictory Day/Armed Forced DayZafer Bayramı – commemorating the victory of the Battle of Dumlupına, a decisive battle in the Turkish War of Independence.
Monday29 October (and the afternoon of the 28th)Turkish Republic DayCumhuriyet Bayramı. Celebrating the proclamation of the Turkish Republic (29 October 1923).

National Public Holidays in Turkey – 2019

Tuesday01 JanuaryNew Year’s DayYılbaşı Günü .
Tuesday23 AprilNational Sovereignty and Children’s DayUlusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı.
Wednesday01 MayLabour Dayişçi bayramı.
Wednesday05 JuneRamazan Feast/ Eid al-FitrRamazan Bayramı.
Tuesday-ThursdayAugust 12-15Sacrifice Feast/Eid al AdhaKurban Bayrami.
Friday30 AugustVictory Day/Armed Forced DayZafer Bayramı 
Tuesday29 OctoberTurkish Republic DayCumhuriyet Bayramı.

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