Teaching English in Turkey

There is a constant demand for people to teach English in Turkey. There is also some demand for people to teach other foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese - but the bulk of the demand is for people who can teach English.

There are many types of establishments in which you can teach English or any other language. These range from large and well-known colleges to tiny private schools. Basically, the smaller the school, the less you are likely to be paid and the less demanding they’re likely to be when it comes to your formal qualifications.

If you want to get a job teaching English in a good school, you will really need the following:

  • A TEFL teaching certificate
  • A university degree
  • A work permit(applied for by the college)

If you wish to teach some other language, the details will change but these basic principles will still apply.

In addition to these formal requirements, you will need a well-written application letter and CV and good interview skills. You will need to come across to the interviewer as a good teacher.

In Turkey, you will greatly enhance your chances of obtaining a TEFL job if you are over 30 and if you have previous work experience outside of teaching.

Sadly, some colleges will not be prepared to get involved in the process of applying for work permits. In these circumstances, you will be working illegally if you take a job with them. Fortunately, some colleges will follow the process through and employ you legally.

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