The Internet in Bulgaria

Depending on where you are in Bulgaria, the internet can be surprisingly speedy or hair-pullingly slow. The popular expat city of Varna, for instance, has notoriously bad internet speeds - whilst little Pazardzhik (with around 70,000 occupants) has the fastest internet speeds in the country.

Overall, Bulgaria has good internet access and speeds. This is largely because of a fragmented and competitive provider market.

Internet penetration in Bulgaria

There were 4,155,050 internet users in Bulgaria in 2016 – 58.5% of the population. This is up from 27.1% in 2006.

Bulgaria has about the same level of internet penetration as neighbours Romania (58%), Turkey (58%) and Serbia (54%). It lags behind Macedonia (69.2%) and Greece (64.8%).

This data is from 2016, and was taken from internet live stats.

Internet speeds in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, or at least parts of it, has good speeds of internet available. The country has an average download speed of 13.3mbps – similar to the UK and the US, and ranked 22nd in the world, just after Luxembourg. Connection speeds of up to are available, for a price.

However, the quality of your internet connection – and the choices you have – are severely limited the further you get from the cities. If you’re looking to live in a village, and the internet is important to you, make sure to research the type and speed of internet connection that will be available to you. Asking your potential neighbours is the best method or, failing that, asking on an online forum or calling up a Bulgarian internet provider.

Check your current internet speed here.

Types of internet in Bulgaria

The most popular options for the internet in Bulgaria are ADSL and fibre-optic connections.

Internet providers in Bulgaria

The nationally-operating internet providers are:

There are loads of different internet providers on a local level – be sure to check them out as well, as they may offer the best deal. See, a comparison site (Bulgarian-language but Google translate works pretty well on the website).

The price of internet in Bulgaria

This depends on whether you buy your internet in a package with cable television.

A stand-alone broadband subscription will cost from around 15.54 лв/US$8.50 (10mbps) to around 70 лв/US$38 (100mbps) per month.

As with every country, be aware that the advertised top speeds of your internet connection with not always – perhaps not even often – be achieved in reality.

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