Throwback Thursday – Interviewing an Irish Expat in Spain

It is safe to say that this interview, with retired headmaster and experienced expat Gerry O'Brien, did not go as planned.

Firstly, it was meant to take place in front of the stunning backdrop of an Andalucian sunset. In the event, a few distractions led to the slightly more muted “dead of night in Marbella” effect you see in the video below.

Second, the interview was meant to take 15 minutes, tops. Gerry and I enjoyed our conversation so much that it went on for almost an hour, and nobody had the heart to stop us chatting (happily, this extended time-frame meant lots more useful and entertaining bits of information about life on the Costa del Sol).

Finally, as this was one of our first videos – and our very first outdoor video – we had a few hiccups with the framing. You may notice the inclusion of a camera tripod or two, and some artfully draped wires.

Despite (perhaps because of?) all of this, “Retiring to the Costa del Sol” is one of our more popular interviews, and it’s worth a watch for any potential expats. This video covers everything from day-to-day life, healthcare, education, police & crime, bureaucracy, buying a property – and, most importantly, how to make the most of your retirement in the Costa del Sol!

It’s certainly a pleasant memory for the team at Guides.Global. Marbella is full of locals and expats eager to share their experience with others.

(The video below is a playlist – split into several parts. One part will play right after the other.)

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A narrow street in Marbella's old town