Videos about Gibraltar – Costa del Sol Video Tour

This strange little island is a British overseas territory on the edge of the Costa del Sol. The locals speak a mixture of Spanish and English; and you're just as likely to find fish & chips as tapas.

Controversy continues as to whether Gibraltar will ever return to the hands of the Spanish: but for now, the territory is, to quote Laurie Lee, “a piece of Portsmouth sliced off and towed 500 miles south”.

General guides

Gibraltar – Much more than you can imagine.

A short, tourist-oriented video from VisitGib. The narration doesn’t add much to what is essentially an advertisement, but there is some nice footage.


Gibraltar 2016 HD

A mid-length video tour of the island, with no narration, from Explorer Jack. Views of the rock, from the rock and travelling around the rock.


My Life in Gibraltar, Main Street Shopping, Cigarettes and Spirits Prices

Janna Travels’ channel is well worth checking out – she’s a Russian expat living in Gibraltar and has a lot of videos on the subject. This video takes you down the main street of Gibraltar, looking at shops and prices with some useful titbits of information in between.


Culture and history

“People of the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar” (2009)

“As Gibraltar marches forward into the 21st century, its people continue to search for political distinction for their cultural identity.” A superb documentary about the Llanitos (natives of Gibraltar) by PeopleOfTheRockthat looks at language, politics, history and the continuing controversy surrounding Gibraltar. A great one to watch if you want to understand more about the island.


Llanito words and phrases – Pepe Palmero & Lionel Perez (Gibraltar)

Another (much shorter) video from PeopleOfTheRock, this time interviewing a couple of chaps keen to share the local language.

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