Videos about Malaga – Costa del Sol Video Tour

Known as the 'capital of the Costa del Sol', Malaga often outshines its neighbouring towns in culture and history.

Look out for great museums, bars, restaurants and beaches. You’ll also see some fantastic architecture – from a Gothic cathedral to a Moorish castle.

General guides

The city of Malaga in Andalucia

A short tour of Malaga with Murphy Travels. A quick stroll around the main streets of the city and a look at some good places to get refreshment – including a demonstration of churro making.

Málaga, Spain (by Bike)

Chris Latsinos cycles through Malaga with his GoPro – resulting in some superb clips of sunny beaches and everyday life in the city.

Culture and history

Malaga City – Birth place of Pablo Picasso & Antonio Banderas – History & Best Lifestyle in Europe

A short video from the Costa del Sol Property Channel, with a (very) quick look at some restaurants, architecture, culture and history.

A little taste of Málaga – Costa del Sol

A fairly extensive video guide to food, drink and some history in Malaga from El Boqueron Viajero. A well-informed presenter (Abby) takes us through bars, restaurants and the market.


An inside look at Málaga’s Holy Week

Another video guide from El Boqueron Viajero (we like these guys). Some details about the Semana Santa (the Easter Holy Week) in Malaga – from the ceremonies and traditions to the best spots to watch the processions.

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