Videos about Marbella – Costa del Sol Video Tour

A popular resort town on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is a refuge for expats and tourists alike - and a favourite of the rich and famous. The town is a mix of historical and modern, fringed by a sandy beach.

Beautiful Marbella, Costa Del Sol (Spain), the old town

A lingering look at Marbella’s old town. Vic Stefanu – World Travels and Adventures clearly loves his “spectacular” subject matter and provides a thorough tour (in the day and in the evening). White walls, winding streets, vibrant flowers and some footage of very effusive locals.

The spectacular beach of Marbella (Costa Del Sol, Spain)

Back with his favourite adjective, Vic Stefanu – World Travels and Adventures turns his attention to the beach of Marbella. A video tour of the sand, sea and sunburn to be seen on Marbella Playa.

Culture and history

Feria de Tapas, the Famous Food Festival in Marbella, Spain

The Costa del Sol Property Channel sends an enthusiastic ambassador to check out the grub at the Marbella de Tapas competition.


This footage from oleh1956 gives you an idea of what to expect from festival of the beloved Virgin del Carmen (the “Queen of the Seas”) in Marbella.

Marbella Nightlife Final

A video of the young, the beautiful and the slightly wobbly enjoying Marbella’s clubs, uploaded by sinan demir. Drinking and dancing until silly o’ clock in the morning is a staple of some people’s Marbella experience.

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